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Documentary shares story of POWs' rescue

When the Lisbon Maru went down off the coast of East China's Zhejiang province on Oct 2, 1942, local Chinese fishermen sprang into action, pulling 384 British POWs from the water. The documentary about this story was recently screened in the UK.

The Lisbon Maru was an armed Japanese cargo ship that participated in World War II, and the documentary told the lesser-known story of hardship, horror, tragedy, and courage that surrounded its sinking while transporting more than 1,800 British prisoners of war, or POWs, from Hong Kong toward Japan.

August 15th,the special screening about the tragedy featured a film in the final stages of production, and was organized for around 400 descendants, relatives, and friends of the POWs who had been on board.

Many of those in attendance had previously been interviewed by the filmmakers. Most were seniors, but there were also some with young children, and even a few who flew in from Australia.

To watch a short version of the video click the link:

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