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The Way Together: Unlock the power of SHE with #BeltandRoad

I want to be full on my own.

I dreamed of lighting up the whole city.

I wanna be someone strong and protective.

Search the wider world,

and see myself in a way others might not do.

I have a voice, and I will make sure it's heard somewhere.

I will speak up for myself and others,

and make a difference.

Be inspirational.

Because there's wisdom in us,

of more than they have known.

I know that I can make a change.

With every step I take,

I break barriers anew.

There are same possibilities.

Perhaps, even greater the power,

and faster the speed.

It's never wrong to be "different."

There is fun in the "what if" in the world around us.

No matter what others believe in,

I'm going to be the light of myself,

and get on to the next level.


Unlock the power of SHE with the Belt and Road.


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