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The "Beijing London Short Film Festival" launched in CIAC2023

On August 3, 2023 at 16:00, the 'Beijing London Short Film Festival" (BLSFF) was officially launched in the Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center at the China Beijing International Audiovisual Conference 2023 (CIAC2023).

The BLSFF is an international short film festival organized by the British Department of Commerce and Trade, co-organized by PACT, and organized by JZ Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The event was supported by the School of Animation and Digital art of Communication University of China and University of East Anglia and Euro time. We want to deepen the understanding and friendship between the two peoples, and build a bridge for communication and cooperation between the film industries in China and the UK.

CIAC2023 focuses on the coordinated promotion and integrated development of the cultural industry and digital audiovisual technology. In the BLSFF, we will focus on showcasing the combination of audio-visual art, cultural creativity, and technological innovation. The application of digital audiovisual technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality in submitted works has significantly improved. bringing unique and charming audiovisual cultural innovation experiences to the audience.

British Trade Ambassador to China, Tom Duke, mentioned that the UK is also exploring and establishing new platforms. They use the BLSFF to assist more British audiovisual companies to showcase and share their content, achieving communication and cooperation in the field of audiovisual culture between China and the UK.

Kong Jianhua, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television, introduced that the global selection activity for the BLSFF launched at CIAC2023 is a microcosm of the deepening of cooperation between Beijing and London in the new audiovisual field. The overseas exhibition season of Beijing's excellent film and television dramas is a business card of Beijing. The BLSFF helps to promote cultural exchanges between China and the UK.

Dawn McCarthy Simpson, Managing Director of Global Strategy from PACT, believes that artificial intelligence has had a significant impact on the film industry, from screenwriting and actor selection to special effects. Artificial intelligence is changing the way movies are made and watched.

Han Xing, Director of Kwai Overseas Public Affairs, believes that short video is an emerging form of media, which can break through language and regional barriers, convey emotions and information, and show personality and style. She is very looking forward to seeing excellent short video works from both countries, experiencing the cultural charm of both countries, and inspiring creative sparks from both countries.

Cheng Zihao, the head of the BLSFF project in Beijing, said, "As an important platform for cultural exchange between China and the UK, the Beijing London Short Film Festival will build a bridge for young filmmakers to learn and exchange, and promote cooperation and development in the film industry of the two countries. We look forward to this grand event and believe that it will add new vitality to cultural exchange between China and the UK."

The BLSFF has officially launched its global selection activity in 2024. Please follow the news of the BLSFF ( Let's look forward to this cultural event together. It will create a new way for cultural exchange between China and the UK, and become a gathering place for young creative people.

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