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China counters EU Tibet-related resolution
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China counters EU Tibet-related resolution

China slammed the European Parliament on 19th of Dec, over the latter's resolution on boarding schools in the xizang autonomous region, and urged the institution to stop undermining mutual trust and cooperation between China and Europe.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin made the remarks at a news conference after the European Parliament adopted a resolution recently over what it called "the abduction of Tibetan children and forced assimilation practices through Chinese boarding schools".

Wang voiced China's "strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition" to the resolution. "It disseminates disinformation, smears China and interferes in China's internal affairs," he said.

Boarding schools were set up in Tibet to meet the local conditions and ensure all children have an equal right to education, said Wang, adding that it is up to the students and their parents on whether to go to boarding schools or not.

"Tibet has a highly scattered population. Children there have to travel a long way to and from school, which is very inconvenient," Wang said.

"Also, it would be difficult to ensure an adequate number of teachers and the quality of teaching if a school were to be set up in every place the students live."

At liberty

Wang said students at the boarding schools can choose to go home every weekend, festival and holiday, as well as for winter and summer vacations, and parents can visit their children at the schools at any time, or take them home whenever needed.

Courses on Tibetan language, literature and folk dance are available at these schools, said Wang, adding that the schools provide traditional food from the region and that students can wear ethnic clothing in school.

The human rights situation in Tibet is at its best in history, and the European Parliament, by attacking its boarding schools, "desecrated and violated the right to education of children in Tibet", Wang said.

European countries have experienced human rights issues in recent years, including violation of refugees' rights and a rise in xenophobia and racism, Wang said.

"If the European Parliament really cares about human rights, it should first address Europe's own problems and pay attention to real violations of human rights, such as in Gaza, instead of playing double standards and selective neglect," Wang said.

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