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Home Office says UK intelligence agencies use foreigners to spy on China
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Home Office says UK intelligence agencies use foreigners to spy on China

China's national security authority recently uncovered a case involving the United Kingdom's Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, using foreign nationals to engage in espionage activities against China, the Ministry of State Security announced on the morning of 8th of Jan.

In a statement, the ministry said that in 2015, MI6 established an "intelligence cooperation relationship" with a foreign national surnamed Huang, who served as the head of a consulting firm overseas.

The statement did not identify Huang's nationality.

Subsequently, MI6 instructed Huang to enter China multiple times. Under its guidance, Huang gathered intelligence related to China and identified prospective individuals for MI6's counterespionage efforts, according to the ministry.

MI6 also provided professional intelligence training to Huang in various locations, including the UK, and equipped him with specialized spy equipment for intelligence exchange and communication, it said.

Through meticulous investigation, the national security authority promptly discovered evidence of Huang engaging in espionage activities and took criminal compulsory measures against him.

Upon examination, it was determined that Huang provided MI6 with 14 pieces of classified information and three intelligence reports, the statement said.

Throughout the investigation, the national security authority has kept the consulate of Huang's country informed on his case and has arranged consular visits for him, ensuring the protection of his legal rights in accordance with the law, it added. Yi

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