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Hong Kong unveils blueprint for becoming int'l innovation, technology center
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Hong Kong unveils blueprint for becoming int'l innovation, technology center

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government on Thursday unveiled the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology (I&T) Development Blueprint to chart the course toward building an international I&T center.

The blueprint establishes a clear development path and formulates systematic strategic planning for Hong Kong's I&T development over the next five to 10 years, setting out eight major strategies under the four broad development directions.

The strategies include promoting technology industry development and achieving "new industrialization" in Hong Kong, enriching I&T talent resources and developing an international talent hub, and deepening I&T cooperation with the mainland for better integration into the overall national development.

According to the blueprint, by 2027, the overall I&T atmosphere in Hong Kong and the vibrance of the I&T ecosystem will reach new heights, with a significant increase in both the number and amount of investment in startups, as well as the number of new economy companies.

By 2032, the number of startups will once again reach a record high, enabling Hong Kong to become a leading incubator in the region or even in the world, said the plan, which expects Hong Kong to become one of the premier destinations for the financing of global technology startups.

Sun Dong, secretary for innovation, technology and industry of the HKSAR government, said the government will hope to continuously listen to the opinions from different sectors of society to enable the formulation of suitable policies and support measures, with a view to leading Hong Kong to realize its vision as an international I&T center.

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