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Public urged to be wary of maritime spy devices
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Public urged to be wary of maritime spy devices

National security agencies have issued a warning about marine espionage devices, the Ministry of State Security said in an article posted on its WeChat account on May 9.
It said foreign intelligence agencies have intensified their reconnaissance and surveillance of China's waters through a series of intelligence gathering and technological espionage activities.
Through vigilant efforts and public reports, China's national security agencies have continuously identified different types of marine espionage devices concealed in the country's territorial waters. The devices, designed to spy on China's maritime data, pose significant threats to national security, it said.
A special exhibition broadcast recently by national security agencies highlighted a case where a Chinese fisherman caught an espionage device.
The article said the devices vary in functionality and purpose. Some remain on the seabed, covertly collecting hydrographic information and data on ship movements to prepare for battlefield scenarios. Others drift with currents to monitor real-time sea conditions, while some serve as underwater "lighthouses", directing foreign submarines into China's waters and helping them to conceal their movements.
The espionage devices are meticulously developed and manufactured, often incorporating the latest scientific and technological advancements. Some can operate autonomously for extended periods, others can be remotely controlled, and some are capable of both individual and networked operations, allowing for covert and efficient completion of diverse marine detection tasks.
They can sense and collect sensitive data and store, analyze and transmit it. Most devices also have a self-destruct feature that is activated after they complete their tasks according to preset programs, it said.
Despite their compact size, the devices achieve high-level integration of multiple functional units through precise design. That allows for ease of use while adapting to the complex and harsh marine environment, ensuring both stability and durability.
National security agencies have advised members of the public to report any discovered espionage equipment immediately by contacting the national security hotline 12339 or its online version.
They recommend salvaging and securely handling such devices under the guidance of national security agencies to ensure personal safety.
Once back in port, the equipment should be promptly turned over to the national security authorities.

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