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Relief supplies and donations poured into earthquake-stricken areas
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Relief supplies and donations poured into earthquake-stricken areas

Following the magnitude-6.2 earthquake in Gansu province's Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture, assistance has been pouring in. All supplies are being transported, received and distributed by the quake relief headquarters, ensuring that the basic needs of the affected population are met, officials said at a news conference on 21st of Dec.

The earthquake jolted Jishishan county at 11:59 pm on 18th of Dec, and has resulted in 113 deaths and 782 injuries in Gansu as of 20th of Dec.

According to Han Shujun of the province's emergency management department, domestic provinces, regions and municipalities have extended their support by providing financial aid and urgently dispatching essential supplies.

Various sectors of society have donated to the disaster-hit area to help, Han said.

Lu Ze, executive deputy head of Linxia prefecture, said a wide range of relief supplies have been steadily arriving since 6 am on 19th of Dec.

As of 8 pm on 20th of Dec, supplies received from central and provincial governments included 5,100 tents, 30,500 cotton jackets, 35,800 cotton quilts, 20,400 folding beds, 15,000 waterproof mats and other crucial items such as stoves and lighting equipment.

Additionally, numerous enterprises, organizations and social groups have donated nearly 560,000 items, including cotton tents, quilts, jackets and essential food and water supplies, along with coal, diesel fuel and gasoline.

"All relief supplies are being centrally managed by the on-site command center's supply guarantee team, which is ensuring proper registration and distribution," Lu said at the news conference.

The allocation of supplies is based on the specific needs of affected towns and villages. Priority is given to heavily impacted areas and vulnerable populations.

Efforts are being made to streamline the distribution process, with detailed plans and dedicated personnel facilitating the swift delivery of supplies to affected people.

Lu said the immediate focus of relief efforts is to provide people with food, warm clothing, clean water, safe and warm shelters, access to medical services and a sense of security.

Future announcements regarding additional relief requirements will be made based on evolving needs in the ongoing relief effort, he said. Yi

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