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China's Jiangsu Danyang eyewear companies attach importance to innovation and brand building

By Xinhua -

Dubbed as China's "spectacles city," Danyang has more than 1,600 companies engaged in the eyewear industry. To maintain its market share and keep up with the new market demand, eyewear companies in Danyang have attached more importance to innovation and branding in recent years and a whole industrial chain has taken shape. 

Negotiations crucial to resolve EU tariff dispute

By China Daily -

Despite the challenging and highly complex nature of China-European Union negotiations on the latter's anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese electric vehicles, such talks remain the most effective way to prevent the escalation of bilateral economic and trade tensions, said market watchers and business leaders.

National debt measures are expected to maintain financial stability

By China Daily -

The People's Bank of China, the country's central bank, may soon sell borrowed long-term Chinese government bonds, a move that would help safeguard financial stability and add a new tool of liquidity management, market experts said.