• Palace Museum shows 300 pieces of furniture in new exhibition

  • Disaster relief work in S China underway after Typhoon Mangkhut

  • People greet Farmers' Harvest Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival in Zhejiang, E China


‘Harmony in Design’ at London Design Festival 2018-09-18 10:58:46

The ‘Harmony in Design’ exhibition kicked off at Phoenix House London on Saturday, September 15th as part of the London Design Festival.


National Day Tour: ‘high speed rail’ sets off a craze with Hong Kong as a popular destination 2018-09-20 17:06:49

According to Guangdong Tourism Department and a number of large tourism network data, 40% of inland passengers choose high-speed rail travelling on National Day. Hong Kong ranks first among the ‘hot destinations’ of outbound tours on the Mainland.