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No major accidents reported during vacation period
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No major accidents reported during vacation period

There were no major workplace accidents or natural disasters during the weeklong National Day holiday that concluded on Friday, thanks to a series of actions taken by the national emergency management authority.

"As of 6 pm on Friday, the national safety situation was generally stable," said the Ministry of Emergency Management, in a media release late in the day.

In a special conference held in advance of the Oct 1 National Day, the ministry outlined arrangements for precautionary safety measures during the holidays and urged local authorities to implement risk control measures in a solid and meticulous manner.

The Work Safety Committee of the State Council, for example, dispatched inspection teams to 16 provincial regions, including Shanghai, Liaoning and Jiangsu provinces, on Sept 23.

The teams identified over 1,400 safety hazards after visits to 331 companies in 47 prefecture-level cities, the media release stated, adding that local authorities were required to take steps to rectify the hazards immediately.

Before the holiday, the national headquarters of forest and grassland fire prevention and control also dispatched 15 teams to key regions to inspect fire control work. In total, they found roughly 75,000 hazards, the ministry said.

The committee's office and headquarters are based in the ministry.

"During the holiday, employees with emergency management authorities across the country remained at their posts ready for emergency response around the clock, as they worked hard to ensure the safety of lives and property," the ministry said.

Teams with the national fire rescue service set up 8,400 temporary bases in key locations to ensure a quick response to potential emergencies and participated in the saving and evacuation of 4,800 people during 33,000 missions.

The ministry held a video conference each day to analyze potential risks and safety hazards and deploy work teams accordingly.

Emergency response authorities also rolled out intensified inspection of areas with large population flows, such as commercial complexes, skyscrapers, restaurants, markets and scenic areas.

Mining, hazardous chemicals and manufacturing were among the major industrial sectors emergency management officials visited during the holiday to resolve safety hazards.

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