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Beauty Across Borders: China-UK Photography Competition

Get ready to be part of an exciting photography celebration, as the "Beauty Across Borders: China-UK Photography Competition" brings forth the mesmerizing natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of China.

'Beauty Across Borders: Cina-UK Photography Competition' Poster.

The competition extends an invitation to photographers worldwide to showcase the breath-taking landscapes, ancient monuments, and vibrant festivals that define China's unparalleled beauty. Through the lens of talented photographers, the enduring bond between China and the UK will also be portrayed, encapsulating a tale of friendship that transcends geographical boundaries.

The competition aims to transcend the barriers of time, space, and language, providing a platform to appreciate China's natural beauty, thriving development, and vibrant cultureDivided into three sections, photographers have the opportunity to capture the essence of "Beautiful China," showcasing its awe-inspiring natural wonders, ancient monuments, and modern architectural marvels.

In the section "Splendid China," participants are encouraged to immortalize the diverse cultural manifestations across the country, from colorful festivals to cherished folk customs and intangible cultural heritage crafts. This category aims to showcase the rich cultural life of the Chinese people and the uplifting spirit of various ethnic groups.

Furthermore, the section "Impressions of China and the UK" offers a unique opportunity to capture the fusion of Chinese elements in various places throughout the United Kingdom. From British individuals adorned in Chinese costumes and cheongsams to the vibrant charm of Chinatowns and intriguing Chinese technological gadgets, this category bridges the cultural connections between the two nations.

Selected artworks will be showcased on the official Instagram account @CHINAUKPC and the Metaverse Gallery, allowing viewers to embark on a visual journey through the splendors of China.

Submissions for the photography competition are now open until the 31st of October 2023. A panel of esteemed judges will then evaluate the submissions during the judging phase from the 1st to the 30th of November 2023.

Participants can enter the competition and submit their works on the official website or send an email to:

As excitement builds, the announcement of the awards is scheduled for December 2023, followed by the offline exhibition and award ceremony early in 2024, where the final winning entries will be on display.

The competition promises an array of prestigious awards, with first, second, and third prizes granted in each section, as well as honorable mentions for exceptional works. Winning artists will have the privilege of having their artwork exhibited offline and become featured photography contributors for Nouvelles D’Europe UK Edition.

In recognition of outstanding creativity, excellent artworks will receive award certificates, and a collection of shortlisted works will be compiled into a memorial album and a series of postcards.

As the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of China's beauty through the lenses of talented photographers, "Beauty Across Borders: China-UK Photography Competition" stands as a testament to the universal language of art, uniting nations in appreciation of China's captivating wonders.

For more information on the competition’s selection process, submission guidelines, participant rights, organiser rights, and copyrights please visit




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